Jessica Strobel Family Photography

 So you’re looking to tell your family story? Don’t worry.

I got you!

About Jessica Strobel

I love families + their stories.

My husband and boys + La-Llyod Christmas our golden doodle (named after lego ninjago and Dumb and Dumber) are the best humans and dog ever.

Life is crazy busy with a 18 month old and 4 year old. Basically, we are just trying to survive. Ya know, like most parents.

Don’t expect me to sugar coat anything, I’m the friend that’s honest but still your favorite of the group.

I live for weekends in the hammock and laying in the backyard.

Let’s connect, chat/text/email I’m down for whatever. Really whatever floats your boat. I’m telling you-you won’t be disappointed if I become YOUR photographer.




I started Jessica Strobel Photography after leaving my job running a Montessori School. James was growing like a weed and I was missing too much but soon I learned being a stay at home mom was hard. Like, really really hard. If I’m completely honest, I wanted and needed some time away from my children. Therefore,  I started this little business that’s just mine.

I’ve been a photographer for about 3 years now and I love it. Capturing the genuine moments between families is what I do best. Let me help you tell YOUR story.


We love biking in our cargo bike, morning rides to the donut shop, hanging at Lake Harriet bandshell and staying at hotels with a pool. Like is simple and we like it that way nor are we hard to please.

Our house is rarely clean and we 100% choose time together over a new project. My husband and I were much better parents before we had our own children. As most parents were……. MY BAD! Trust me- I never judge. We all are just trying to make it through the day.





The best way to describe my kids is feral. They are all BOY despite my effort to expose them to all things. Both were early walkers (like 8 months), talkers and jumpers. They take any high surface as a challenge and will climb it.

James and Jack are beyond destructive with plastics toys and almost anything they come in contact with. They’re never clean or clothed and I’m okay with that. I consider less laundry a win. James wears at most swimsuit in the summer and Jack follows his lead with everything. Jack even prefers big boy underwear over his diaper. Favorite things are mud, rocks, mom’s boobs and cardboard boxes. Luckily, they are the most snuggly boys you will ever meet and I’ll take the snuggles anytime I can!



My In-Home Studio

I am beyond blessed to have an in-home studio at this point in my life. With two small children, this allows me to spend as much time possible with my boys and still be able to work.  JESSICA STROBEL PHOTOGRAPHY is located in South Minneapolis in the Kingfield neighborhood.

I invite you into my home to relax. Have a coffee or sparkling water. Taking pictures DOES NOT have to be stressful. It really can be fun, especially when I’m taking pictures.



If you are looking for indoors- no worries! I have an in-home studio located in South Minneapolis. I offer all sessions in the studio even small extended families. I also travel to homes for lifestyle sessions for families and newborns. 

Client Wardrobe

I am constantly adding to our client wardrobe. Currently, I have gowns for moms and mamas to be (all sizes and shapes), newborns galore and some sitter and child outfits. Most of the wardrobe is handmade and I make a conscious effort to support small businesses like my own.

I am a fan of all things simple and beautiful and I stay away from clothes that will be distracting and anything that will date.  your images should look good on your wall tomorrow and 10 years from now.

Jessica Strobel Photography Minneapolis MN | 612-875-4134