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Fresh 48 instead of Birth Photography?

I just had the opportunity to take photographs for one of my favorite families The Padget's. They welcomed their newborn son into the world this past June. It was their fourth and final little. What I loved the most about this session was that I had the chance to...

What are Milestone Sessions? And why you should do them!

So you've done newborn photos but not sure if you need more photographs of the first year? Well...... I am here to tell you that you should and that it's important. You also need maternity photos! Documenting the journey to motherhood and the first year of life is...

The Mommy Sessions

THE MOMMY SESSIONS: Hey friends! Just stopping by the blog to give you some information on something new I am offering here at JSP that many of our clients don’t know about! They are called mommy and me sessions and I now offer them year round. Cause let's be honest-...

Not Photography Related

Parenting is hard, can we all agree on that? Especially, parenting a free spirit who is stubborn and has a flare for the drama. My James is going to be 4 soon and I’ve been reflecting on my parenting choices. Before James, all I ever did with my life was work with...

I’m a yelling mom and I’m okay with that.

I’m a yeller. I yell when I’m angry, sad, excited or simply if I love something. I just yell. I try not to but it’s in my DNA. I’m sure of it. I’m loud even when I’m trying not to be. If you don’t believe me- ask my old Montessori teachers. I’ve literally been asked...

Get Rid of Expectations

I have zero expectations when it comes to ANY activity that involve my children so I’m rarely disappointed when Sh&% hits the fan. Which is more likely to happen than not. A few days ago it was a balmy 15 degrees out we got the kids pumped up for sledding. First...

What I learned from my kids today…

I am humbled by my children daily. Yesterday was a long but good day as many are around here and I had one of my not so great parenting moments. James the elder barbarian, pulled his blue blanket out from underneath Jack causing him to smack his head on the...

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