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They won’t be little forever. Capture these precious years while you can!




As parents, we are busy and as our children grow we all to often forget the past since we are so busy looking towards the future and what it holds. But, the truth is children grow up to fast. When children are younger having family pictures done each year is a great way to document the growth of your family and children at the same time. Eventually, they will grow up and move away (this thought makes me what to cry!) and the days of chaos and messes will be gone. But, professional family photos of the children together will remind you of the beautiful times and memories that were had as a family.


My favorite family heirlooms are pictures. I have all the family photos from my grandparent’s childhood up till now. My grandpa was a hobbyist when it came to photography and documented everything. It warms my heart to share this history of my family with my children and husband. I plan to document my family as we grow through the years with the hope to pass it on to my children- and you should too 😉 By the time someone is gone it’s too late- to capture the memories while you can!


Sadly life happens and another milestone has passed without family photos or the make-up of the family may change, new siblings may enter, grandparents sadly may pass, or maybe a pet is added. My father sadly passed when I was younger and I constantly wished I had more family photos and just photos with him when I was younger. The few that I have brought me great joy. Any photos of him are a sweet reminder of my childhood and the wonderful memories I had him with- I hear his laugh in these photos and feel the strong embrace his bear hugs.

Families, Babies, and kiddos!


I LOVE working with families, especially fun ones! Is your family fun? IF SO- Let’s do this! Let me create something special just for your family. I aim to capture the love, the chaos, the laughter, and the fun that families have together. As with all my session, we will start with some posed photos and then I encourage your family to be yourself. I will give prompts and sometimes will have you play games. It’s relaxed and enjoyable and you may even forget that I’m taking photos.

Sessions can be in my in-home studio located in South Minneapolis or on location. I have a handful of favorite places to shoot but I’m always open to new places. I love designing sessions around my clients and working a team to create something you will cherish forever. My goal is to have your heart feel joy and love every single time you see your photos.

Family photo sessions don’t have to be stressful or boring. Let’s go play at the Lyndale Rose Garden, watch the sunset at Lake Harriet, or do an intimate studio session. There are no rules when it comes to family photos so let’s create something that works for your family. As a mom I know what works for my family may not work for yours- so let’s create a session that works for YOUR family.

Reach out! Book that family photo session you’ve been thinking about- I promise you will be happy you did. You don’t want to be in “that boat” of I wish I would have done family photos. Trust me, you will be glad you did. Don’t wait till you get your hair done, or lose 5 pounds. It doesn’t matter- 20 years from now you will just be happy you got your photos done. Price of a session depends on the number of people and length of the session.

You can never have too many pictures of your kids. Right? And they literally grow faster than puppies- so document document document. And if you have a puppy- let’s take pictures of that baby too. I got you covered for pet photography. As a dog mom myself I get wanting to capture the fur babies too.

Trust me when I say you won’t be sad you have so many keepsakes- I promise you this! These moments with our children are fleeting- capture what you can before it’s too late.

I’ve got a few packages that document the first year of life- so you can remember all the moments.

Minneapolis Kid Photoshoot

Can we agree that kids are hard to photography? They’re fast, hard of hearing and can just be difficult.

That’s where I come in. I LOVE working with kids and I’m going to toot my own horn. I’m really good at it. LIKE REALLY GOOD.

So even you think someone can’t get good pictures of your toddler or strong-willed child- I’m telling you I CAN.

So let’s get real, we constantly hear childhood goes by “too fast”. But, you know what? IT DOES. So let me help you remember every milestone. Don’t forget the tiny toes, the little hands, the first time they could sit or how sassy their personality is. Let’s capture everything!


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