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Don’t live in the city? That’s no biggie I travel. Here are just a few destinations in Maple Grove that serve as beautiful scenery for couple, family, and really any type of photo!

Maple Grove Arts Center

If you are an artist at heart, the Maple Grove Arts Center will bring out your creativity while you enjoy the beautiful greenery of the surroundings. One of the fun things about my job is that I get to scout all kinds of awesome locations and this one is a total gem. 

At some point in my life, when I’m not booked solid ;),  I’m totally planning a day outing with my husband and kids to spend some time doing art projects at the Maple Grove Arts Center. Taking a photo at this location is so much fun because I’m reminded of how much we all just want to play and bring out the kid in ourselves. This is a great place to bring out your inner 5-year-old! 😉 

In fact, it’s my dream to build a studio in my backyard for my art (which is photography of course). 

Fish Lake Regional Park

Fish Lake Regional Park is another beautiful lakeside location that is a fun spot to get pictures of families. I love that there is so much to do here and if you like to be active we can definitely get great photos here. There are opportunities for canoeing, fishing, and even an off-leash dog park. You can also take a bike ride along Medicine Lake Regional Trail. If you’re biking family, you could even consider having your bikes included in the family photography. 

Central Park

I love the gazebo and fountain at this location! Central Park of Maple Grove is an expansive location with so much to do, including ice-skating in the winter! To learn more about Central Park, go to this link:

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