I offer a variety of sessions aiming to fit the needs of my clients. But, here’s the thing, I may not have exactly what you are looking for. If you don’t see what you are looking for let’s chat about your needs and what vision you have in mind.

My job is to help you create something that you will love and as YOUR photographer I will do my best to help bring your vision to life. Listed below are the sessions I offer but not limited too:

*baby and child
*extended family
*fresh 48

So basically once you start with me you can be STUCK with me! Repeat families are my favorite The truth is I become YOUR photographer. 95% have been repeat customers and I simply love it! I get to know your family and with each session, you guys feel more comfortable. I honestly love the connections I make with families. Having worked with families for literally decades, I really do love watching families and children grow.

The beauty of having someone that has worked with kids for over 2 decades…… is I get it.  I understand what realistic expectations look like for children; not to mention I’ve seen it all. I’ve worked with children and families of all abilities.

So if  you have a stubborn toddler, I’ve got you covered. Toddler photoshoots are a a favorite of mine- I love their energy and curiosity. I’m always up for the challenge of getting a good smile from a children or a husband for that matter! I will make sessions painless for all family members involved and make is ENJOYABLE. I have magical ninja powers!

My point is with kids you may not always get the photographs you thought wanted but my promise to you is that you will get photographs that you love.

Sometimes friends ask me: Who do I love to work with? 

I love this question because the mamas and families that I work with are ok with “going with the flow”. The moms I work with know that things don’t often go as planned and that there are always hiccups in any process when you have young kids in tow. The moms I work with also know that they want to cherish certain moments. They want to remember what it was like to hold their newborn when she’s just fallen down for a nap. I love taking a photo of a new mom with her new baby. When I can capture that bond on film, I feel like I’ve done my work well.


Newborn photography is an art

Newborn photography is really just the beginning of the story of your growing family. I believe that capturing family portraits from as early as the first week of life is so important! Babies change so much in the first 6 weeks and many of my families say that they loved having a record of their first hours and days together as a new family.

Just like birth photography, newborn photography is an art and since you only have the first few weeks of life with your newborn as a newborn, you’ll really want to consider capturing those images in the best light possible! 

Of course you’ll want to snap some of your own photos, but if you want to be really happy with the photos of your newborn and have the option to create keepsake images, you’ll definitely want to look at newborn photography as your next step. 

When you make capturing your family portraits a priority from the very beginning, you’ll find it easier to cherish those first days of life with your newborn! I also find that as your babies grow, they love to see pictures of themselves when they were “little”. 

I believe that Newborn photography doesn’t have to be stressful! I really believe that bringing your newborn to the studio for a session should be an enjoyable, memorable experience in addition to being an opportunity to capture images. So start thinking about your newborn session as not just another item on your “to do” list, but rather as an enjoyable experience where you get the opportunity to see your newborn in a new light and watch them grow right before your eyes! 



 What do I need to bring to a family photography session?

The answer to this question depends in part on where you plan to have your session. For example, if you plan to have your photographs taken in your home, you’ll want to scout out the place in your home with the best light. If you plan to take photographs at one of the beautiful Twin Cities locations, you might want to consider what background you’re most interested in having in your family portraits.

Some moms wonder: What will my child look like in the photos? You might be thinking how should I have my children posing in the family photography session? Not to worry! I’m experienced in working with children and as a mom I get how stressful it can be trying to wrangle your children while keeping your hair and makeup in place! I bring props along to our sessions that are not in studio to help keep your kids engaged and excited about being photographed. I also love to capture natural looking images, so I’ll aim to get those candid, beautiful images of your kids. 

What’s the best location for taking photos

We have so many incredible options for places to take photos in the Twin Cities.

As a Kingfield neighborhood photographer my studio space is so close to the Lyndale Rose Gardens, Lake Harriet, Lake of the Isles,  and Peace Garden. It’s totally up to you! We can capture your images in studio or we can pick one of the beautiful cities in Minnesota, lncluding but not limited too: Minneapolis, Chanhassen, St. Paul, Edina, Plymouth and Maple Grove..

Maternity "Bellies"

Is maternity photography for me? 

It’s a wonderful thing to schedule your newborn session as you get closer to your “guess date”. But don’t forget the option of getting your “belly pics” too! The journey as a new family starts with you and your partner, so why not create those memories on camera? 

Sometimes expecting moms worry about having their belly showing in maternity pics. Do you worry about that? There’s no need to worry!!! Of course if you want your belly showing, we’ll show your belly in all it’s glory! But if you’d prefer to have your belly covered in some fashion, I have beautiful maternity gowns in the perfect hues to make you look gorgeous in your photos. 

Sometimes expecting moms wonder if it’s better to invest in maternity photos or a newborn session. Well, I am biased of course but here’s the thing, you’ll only experience this pregnancy once. Each pregnancy is different. Your experience is different, your emotions are different, your births are different. As a Twin Cities photographer my goal is help new moms feel amazing and beautiful. I know not every mom resonates with this, but honestly when I was pregnant with my son I felt the most beautiful because I was growing a baby and it was such a special time for me. 

Taking maternity photos can actually help you fall in love with your baby even more! I just love watching the expression on an expecting mama’s face when she sees her maternity photos for the first time. No matter how clumsy, puffy, or awkward you might feel as an expecting mom, everything changes when you see yourself for what you really are: a goddess growing life. Own it mama! 🙂

Fresh 48

Another great reason to have photos taken in studio is if you’re planning a Fresh 48 Session. What’s a Fresh 48 Session? I love these sessions!!! Approximately 48 hours after your baby is born we can take great photos. Wondering about baby boy pic ideas

Most Fresh 48 sessions I attend are in your home, however, there are some families that prefer to come to my studio for their Fresh 48 session which is totally fine. We can even capture gorgeous photos of your newborn in the first week or two of life in the studio. It doesn’t have to be exactly 48 hours after birth.

Capturing your Fresh 48 session in the hospital is also another option. 

Maybe you didn’t get around to scheduling a birth photographer for your birth. Maybe your little one decides to arrive a week earlier than planned. Don’t stress you have 48 hours to get those fresh newborn photos.  I’d love to the person who is considered the “newborn photographer near me”.


 If you are anything like most parents- you are obsessed with the cuteness of your children and go overboard with taking pictures. But, what do you do with those photos? Usually, the answer is nothing. They sadly remain your phone or on a hard drive for years. 

Packages can help you print the photos you want, create the albums and wall art you never have time to do – and at the same time you get the best of the best pictures of your children. 

If you don’t see that package you were hoping for – let me know and we create one! Each family is different and so are their needs.


I can make your child smile. That’s right. I CAN MAKE YOUR CHLD SMILE! I’m going to gaurentee that there’s a 99.9% chance your child and I will get along. Most likely we will become good friends and bond over the love of dinosaurs and animals that I carry in my pockets

Having worked with infants, toddlers, preschoolers and teenagers I’m well versed in childhood. ​I can make magic happen by getting toddlers to sit, preschoolers and moody to smile and giggle! 



The session fee varies and depends on length, type of session, and the number of people (think extended family sessions). Your session fee includes 10 final hand-edited High-Resolution Digitals images that YOU get to choose, online gallery to share with family and friends and use of client wardrobe which I am constantly adding too. Contact me to find the right session for your needs!


I sort through all of the images from our session, I choose the ones that best represent you. I love to give you the images where there are beautiful expressions, and priceless moments being captured. The images you receive will be “soft proofs,” meaning they will only have light edits done to them. Once you choose your favorite images, I will make the final edits and upload them to a private gallery in which you can download, share and order prints from.


Not long! I offer same day galleries. So what happens is your proofing gallery is up the same day of your photos and favorites need to be selected the same day (24 hours from time gallery is up) Your final gallery is delivered approximately 1 weeks after I have received your favorites from your proofing gallery.


t really depends on the session. Overall the average is around 50 digital images to choose from.


Yes, Once you receive your soft proofing gallery, you may decide you would like more than the digital images that are included in your session fee. I am happy to offer digital upgrades at a discounted rate for any full or mini sessions.

Additional digitals : The prices listed below are in addition to the session fee

Single Image: $30.00 (each)

Add 5 images: $100.00

Add 10 images: $175.00

Add 20 Images: $275.00

Purchase Entire Gallery: $450.00




*Custom albums, canvases, and prints available. If you are interested in any art- I highly recommend that we set up a viewing session where we work together to create custom wall art for your home. I only work with top photo labs that create beautiful prints, canvases, and albums that are actually meant to last a lifetime without fading or degrading in any way.

​*ALL Full SESSIONS COME WITH 10 DIGITAL IMAGES YOU CHOOSE – you DO NOT need to purchase additional images.
















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